fingerprintSorry for the lack of updates the last several months. Adoption is a lot of hurry up and wait. You fill out a bunch of forms and send them in and wait. This happened with our home study. Once we got the home study back we had to send it, along with several other documents to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). We also had to go to Baltimore and get fingerprinted.¬† Now we have received news our application to adopt has been approved. Now we have to send all our paper work to our agency who will then forward it on to our sweet girl’s country to be translated and accepted. Then we wait to be approved to travel over and officially begin the official process to get her.

All this paper work is called a dossier. A dossier is a detailed file of information. For an adoption dossier, the file includes detailed information about you and your family, and information the country has requested for an international adoption.

The following are documents that would typically be in an international adoption dossier:

  • Home Study (includes information about you/your families background, life, home, health, finances, stability and safety.)
  • Immigration Pre-Approval (U.S. Advanced processing of orphan visa I800A )
  • Medical reports
  • Financial/employment information
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Reference letters
  • Adoption Education Certificate

Along with our dossier, we need to pay a fee of $4,500. Would you consider helping us get to this goal in the next couple weeks? Anyone who donated $50 or more will be eligible to receive a free t-shirt or hoodie from our online store. Once you make the donation, just contact us and let us know what style and size you would like. Thanks for all your love, prayer, and support!

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