Home sick with strep throat today, so I thought I’d share an update. First of all thank you again to all our friends who have shown us so much kindness and generosity thus far. We have been blessed.

All our initial home study documents have been submitted and accepted. We are waiting to be assigned a social worker and to schedule the first interviews. The home study process takes 2 – 3 months and is really the first major hurdle to getting the adoption ball rolling.

We have also submitted our adoption application with our adoption agency and it has been received and is being processed. The agency is the primary partner in helping us secure the release of our daughter and bringing her home. Please pray that things with them go smoothly.

We have submitted out application to Reece’s Rainbow, a website that advocates for children with special needs. They will help us with fundraising and grants to help cover the costs for the adoption. This is the website where we found the profile of our daughter. You can visit them at www.reecesrainbow.com

We are also beginning the process of preparing to travel. We have filled out the US passport paperwork and will submit it once we have notarized copies of our birth certificates in hand. These take 3-4 weeks to get back once you submit the application and pictures.

We have also begun filling out the paperwork required by the US Customs and Immigration Service to get our daughter permission to come into the US and become a naturalized America citizen.

Finally, we have started a t-shirt fundraiser. We will be printing some unisex shirts locally, but if you live far away from us or you just want to order now, here are links to the 2 designs we have online.

Each shirt we sell brings us that much closer to having all the ransom money we need to bring our baby girl home. Please continue with us in prayer for her protection and for all the paperwork and investigations to go smoothly.

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