All piled upWhen we started the adoption process, our friends warned us that there was a lot of paperwork. We thought we understood what that meant. WE DIDN’T! Not only is there a lot of paper work, it all needs to be notarized. This means all the paperwork has to be signed in front of someone who can verify with their signature and a stamp that the line where your signature goes has your signature.

Let’s say, for example, that you have to have an employment verification form filled out by your employer. This form verifies that you do indeed have a job for which they pay you money. This is important in the adoption process because it costs A LOT of money to adopt a child. So this form has to be notarized as well. This means that your employer has to fill out and sign this form in front of a notary. This is a whole other level of complication in getting things done.